Friday, January 20, 2012

10 - David Paul, radio legend

David Paul today

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"Off the Wall with David Paul" burned brightly on WSB-AM in Atlanta, Georgia from the late 1980's to mid-1990's, and its namesake became a legend of talk radio. David Paul now joins Art via Skype to discuss highlights of his career, including being punched in the mouth by "Skinny" Bobby Harper during his show, naked weather ladies, and walking off the air at WGST after only 30 seconds. You will also learn about his latest project, Cartersville UNCUT. Stay tuned for his pitch for the morning show at 92.9 Dave-FM at the end (hey, Mr. Dave-FM PD - Paul says e-mail him at Cartersville UNCUT)! Prior to all of this, Art airs some thoughts on the online piracy act currently before Congress. 49 minutes.

Art's comments: "As America's Favorite Talk Show Host, I doff my cap to the giants of the format, and David Paul is one of those. After appearing on this show, he can say he's finally experienced something more humiliating than being punched by 'Skinny' Bobby Harper."

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Thursday, January 12, 2012

9 - Tom Bonnett, Microsoft Bing Xtra Normal Film Fest winner

Tom Bonnett's cat
Where has Art been? Contemplating how to please the whole world and be everything to everybody. He discusses how Edward Van Halen inspired him out of this futile activity.

Tom Bonnett is the guest. Bonnett won the Microsft Xtra Normal Film Fest, besting thousands of hopeful entrants with his piece called "Decision Man." 38 minutes.

Art's comments: "A nicely-done show to inaugurate 2012."

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