An interview with Art Howard...

What is the theme of Art Howard at Night?

The theme is that song that plays at the beginning of the show.

No, I mean, what is the show about?

Oh! The show is me goofing off and then interviewing anybody I find interesting. Love it or get out!

Wait -- where are you going? Stay! Please!

What is the theme of Art Howard at Night?

Didn't we just go over this?

No, this time I'm asking, what is that song that plays at the beginning?

Oh!...I think this is a trick. The theme is an abridged version of a song I wrote when I was 20. It's called "Art Howard is America's Favorite Talk Show Host, Even If No One Knows It But Him."

What is the theme of...hold on...

Aha! I knew it wasn't just me! Please go get a brain scan.

Yeah, right, whatever. I just mixed up my cards, okay?

Yeah, right.

God, you're rude. Is this why your show has so few Facebook Likes?

No, that's because my demographic isn't the kind of trendy hipsters who believe in hitting Like buttons (looks around to see if anyone is buying bullshit excuse).

Okay. Sure. So what inspired you to do a podcast?

Tail lights.

Excuse me?

Looking at tail lights. Sitting in traffic, going to work. Like everyone, I thought, "Surely my life was meant to be more than this." This podcast is my attempt to make something more of my life.