Monday, November 9, 2015

53 - Greg Renoff, author, "Van Halen Rising"

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Greg Renoff is not only a rabid Van Halen fan, but also a Ph. D. in history. Dissatisfied with the lack of information on Van Halen's earliest years, he put his degree to use studying not what happened to the lost colony at Roanoke Island (snore!), but how did Van Halen's years playing backyard parties prepare them to be the dominant hard rock group of the following decade?

The result is Van Halen Rising: How a Southern California Backyard Party Band Saved Heavy Metal. The book is deep with drama and detail, thanks to the over 230 interviews Renoff conducted with insiders such as longtime bassist Michael Anthony, producer Ted Templeman and even David Lee Roth's sister.

Just a month after its release the book already tops Amazon sales charts for its categories, and has garnered positive reviews from top rock writer Chuck Klosterman and Rolling Stone. Now Greg Renoff talks to Art about his book, possibly the most detailed rock n' roll bio ever written. 59 minutes.

Art's comments: "I mean to brag, but I've made a pilgrimage to the original Van Halen home, Pasadena City College and the Pasadena Civic. As exciting as it was, if I had had Van Halen Rising and had known the exact history that transpired on these sites, it would've been even better! After reading this book, I can just see David Lee Roth on the Van Halens' doorstep, preparing to knock and take his place in history.

"In any future VH1 Behind the Music about Van Halen, Greg Renoff will certainly be the talking head you'll see most. I had a great time chatting with him."


Monday, October 26, 2015

52 - Eric Von Haessler, host, "The Von Haessler Doctrine"

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For over 25 years, Eric Von Haessler has had a conversation with America from behind a radio microphone. For much of that time, he ridiculed everyone and everything in his path to hilarious effect. In recent years, he's shared his more serious and well-considered thoughts on everything from politics, to science, to NASCAR, to his favorite band, Drivin' n' Cryin'. These days he can be heard on his podcast, "The Show," and weekly WSB radio show, "The Von Haessler Doctrine."

Eric sits down with Art and recounts the history of his top-rated former morning show, The Regular Guys, which was the toast of the L.A. FM talk radio scene in the mid-1990's at KLSX, and was a consistent ratings winner for its 16 year run in Atlanta on 96 Rock and Rock 100.5. He also shares the experiences and lessons of his rough-and-tumble youth, such as visiting his father in prison, dropping out of high school, living with heroin users, and ultimately finding a way up and out through comedy. 2 hours 22 minutes.

Art's comments: "It's crazy to think in December of 1997 I was on an egg crate mattress in L.A. trying to tune in this cool new show I'd read about, and in 2015 one of the hosts is in my house. If you're a Regular Guys fan, this is a fantastic oral history. Eric has told these stories on the air, but this is the first time they've been told as one narrative. And if you make it through my opening comments, you'll feel like you just sat through all 16 years of the Regular Guys' run in Atlanta.

"By the way, Larry Wachs was always nice and even encouraging to me personally, except that time he blasted me on his blog, which I found merely hysterical."

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Sunday, September 20, 2015

51 - Vinny Bucci, comedian

Booch in 2014, looking much like he did in 2015
Booch in 2014, looking much like he did in 2015
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Booch is back!

Vinny Bucci returns to talk about his past year in Atlanta show business. Most notably Art and Booch discuss the last day at Rock 100.5 of Larry Wachs, the original Regular Guy. It's also known as "The Day the Other 50% of the Laughter Died" (Regular Guys co-host Eric Von Haessler was let go the year prior).

Vinny also tells us about the independent films and a comedy TV pilot he's been featured in.

Also in the mix are the campaign of Donald Trump, transgenders and political correctness in comedy. 92 minutes - don't be scared.

Art's comments: "Down a couple of energy drinks before you listen to this one! Vinny's got a load of energy and stories to tell, so be ready to keep up!"


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Wednesday, September 16, 2015

BEST OF HOWARD: Dulcé Sloan, comedian

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Yes, I've been very lame about putting a new show together! FOUR MONTHS? Even Johnny Carson never took that much time off!

However, editing is about to begin on a new episode with the one and only Vinny Bucci!

In the meantime, let me attach myself to the coattails of a true star in the making. You may remember Dulcé Sloan from very early on in our show, back in 2012. Since then Dulcé got a coveted spot in the Montreal Just for Laughs festival. In 2015 that's even bigger than a shot on The Tonight Show. And it's paid off, because she's now taking meetings in Hollywood! Yes!

Check out our 2012 interview (the best I had done up until that point, I thought), and remember when you see her on your TV or local movie screen, you heard of her here first!

Dulcé Sloan links:
Profile at Rooftop
Original videos, including "Sh*t Angry Black Women Say"

Monday, May 18, 2015

50 - Fans Salute David Letterman

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David Letterman bio book
Possibly the most influential book on Art's life. How sad!

It's a very special episode of Art Howard at Night!  No, really, it IS!

Art salutes his greatest idol, late night television icon David Letterman. Joining him in discussing Letterman's 33 year late night career and retirement are Brian Arnold, a member of the Letterman fan Facebook group, and Jeff Zuk, creator of the tribute Letterman Twitter feeds @ByeLetterman and @ByeLettermanLT. Sit back and prepare to have your memory jogged as they discuss favorite guests, musical moments and bits you may have forgotten.

Art's comments: "Stay tuned for a sappy ending that seemed like a good idea when I thought of it as I walked around the park, but in hindsight may have been a terrible idea! However, it stands as the only recorded document that I'm capable of having fuzzy emotions.

"Although it's unlikely, I would like to think Dave might at least skim this one as he's out on the fishing boat in Montana sometime. After nearly 40 years of hearing people telling him how great he is, he can always dial this up and hear it one more time. Thanks, Dave!"

1 hr. 5 mins.
((( In stereo, where available! )))

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Sunday, May 3, 2015

ESPRESSO - Bill Cosby, Gloria Allred at Cobb Energy Centre

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Art's Comments: "When I heard history was being made so close to home, I had to go down and document what happened.

"Despite being accused of rape by close to 40 women, Bill Cosby performed a concert for his Far from Finished  tour at the Cobb Energy Centre. Though it's called Far from Finished, this is the only date of the last eight that wasn't canceled or indefinitely postponed!

"Gloria Allred, who you've no doubt seen on various national news shows, was on site. I got audio from Allred as well as one of the alleged victims, Kaya Thompson, her mother, and the protest organizer, Julie Mastrine of Care2."

"Though I've worked professionally as a small town reporter in the past, I haven't done news in years, and I wasn't on the scene officially as a 'reporter,' per se, but an interested citizen and documentarian of some of the history of my city. I was also pleasantly surprised that when I told the people under 30 that I wasn't with a network, I was just a podcaster, their interest in speaking to me didn't wane. In fact they said they loved podcasts and were very enthusiastic.

"Hope you learn and enjoy." 26 minutes.


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Tuesday, April 28, 2015

49 - Howard Stern: "Podcasts Are for Losers!"

Howard Stern: Podcasts are for losers!
Howard Stern (not actually a guest)
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Announcer Brian Clark joins America's Favorite Talk Show Host (that's Art) to analyze the King of All Media's assertion that "Podcasts are for losers!"

Art and Brian have toiled in both broadcast radio and podcasting, and they compare their firsthand experience to what Howard Stern describes. Is it true that to earn your wings as a broadcaster you need to go to terrestrial radio? Are the opportunities even there anymore? Or is terrestrial radio in its twilight? We discuss! 53 minutes.

Art's comments: "If you're looking for a lot of screaming and name calling, 1995 shock radio style, then you're in the wrong place. If you want to hear a real conversation about the future of radio vs. the future of podcasting, then you're in the right place.

"When I heard Stern's 'podcasting is for losers' rant, I just had to weigh in with my experience of trying to break into terrestrial radio vs. what I've been able to do with podcasting. And Brian Clark was a natural choice to join in, since he knows more about the nuts and bolts of radio than I do.

"One listen to this episode should convince anyone, even Howard Stern, that podcasting is NOT for losers! No way!"

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Tuesday, April 7, 2015

48 - Chet Wild Returns! (BONUS: Stu McCallister)

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Yahoo! player or right click HERE to download | Launch pop-up playerChet Wild 2015

Chet Wild returns to the Laughing Skull Fest, Atlanta and Art Howard at Night!

Art once again catches up with Wild at the W Hotel in Midtown Atlanta. (Apparently there was turnover in the security staff and the new guys didn't know to keep Art off the premises.) They discuss various adventures Chet has had in the last year, such as:

  • The status of his podcast with former American Idol  host, Brian Dunkelman
  • Performing as a hologram at Comic Con
  • His upcoming live show Crowd Work: The Musical


Stu McCallisterMichigan comic Stu McCallister is also in the room. As a bonus track, McCallister and Wild discuss the mental games and career obstacles that every career standup comic faces. 53 minutes.

Art's comments: "After a drought of guests, I return with not one but TWO! Who's the man? Hint: I'M the man!

"Chet again had some great stories to share. If you drew his career on a graph since our last meeting, it would be a continuing upward line.

"You'll also enjoy, as I did, being a fly on the wall and hearing two comedians on the frontlines of show business discussing their trade.

"Special congratulations to our previous guest Dulcé Sloan, who made it to 2nd place out of 72 comics at Laughing Skullfest!"


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Monday, March 23, 2015

47 - Glaze Your Eyes Over/Late `90's Radio Demo

Art in late `90's Carson Daly TRL style shirt
Art in late `90's Carson Daly TRL style shirt.
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"Mr. Positive" returns to tell you where he's been hiding since Halloween!

Art gives you the behind-the-scenes details of his struggle to provide you with only the finest entertainment. Get the scoop on all the various blow-offs and cold shoulders he's endured in the name of entertaining you. Your breath will be taken away by how anyone could endure such morale-crushing indifference, yet rise again like a broadcasting phoenix!

At the end, get a listen to Art's amazing 1998-ish aircheck from his stint as a talk show host in a small Northwest Georgia town. Hear his co-host mesmerized into a hypnotic trance by a professional stage hypnotist live on the air! 44 minutes.

Art's comments: "You come here to be amused, not bummed out, but what can I do but tell you about what's going on?

"As for the circa 1998 radio piece, which was my demo tape for a long time, I think I say 'hip-no-tist' about 20 times too many, BUT, all these years later I'm pretty proud of how slick it sounds. Yes, I'm pretty impressed with myself. Somebody's gotta be!"

If you enjoy this show...ah, hell, you know what to do.