Monday, February 6, 2012

11 - Vinny Bucci, comedian, Regular Guys radio show intern

Vinny Bucci

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Vinny Bucci, a.k.a. "The Booch," of Rock 100.5's Regular Guys morning show, visits Art in the studio. Booch discusses his journey from being turned away from open mic nights to becoming a regular feature on a top-rated, large market morning radio show. Only one glitch -- Booch was confronted by the police and suspected of planning a bank robbery before he could get to the studio! (Details inside.) He also discusses an embarrassing thing he did to curry the favor of a big-name comic, discovering a close friend's bisexuality, and whether or not he has, or would, do fellow intern Brandi. (Details also inside.) 57 minutes. NOTE: Explicit language.

Art's comments: "Despite how he may sometimes be portrayed on the Regular Guys show, the Booch is a really sharp guy, and though it may sound hokey to say it, he's also super nice. He has never heard of the band Anthrax, however, and that makes me feel old."

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