Monday, July 22, 2013

32 - The Big W, Buddies Lounge, Metromedia Radio

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Podcast Place in Atlanta teams up with Studio 67 in Hollywood for a living stereo SUPER PODCAST!

For nearly six years, The Big W has hosted the An Evening with the Buddies Lounge podcast. Now, the show has been picked up by Metromedia's N.E.W.!

The Big W explains what "Space Age Pop" is, how his show was picked up by WNEW/Metromedia, and how he came to own the record collection of former KNX/Los Angeles DJ and Hogan's Heroes star, Bob Crane. Sambo's and the Pan Am Worldport also enter the conversation as W and Art discuss the fate of these marvels of Googie architecture. 70 minutes.

Art's comments: "An Evening with the Buddies Lounge was one of the first podcasts I ever heard, and one I return to regularly. If you have the slightest interest in music, recorded sound, or pop culture of the `50's-`60's, this will be the most enjoyable hour you've ever spent in school."

((( In stereo, where available! )))

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