Tuesday, November 20, 2012

27 - What Do YOU Think? (Just Art again)

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Start your holiday with some angry ranting! No, we don't mean your mother-in-law after her third glass of wine, we mean Art! He wants to know what you suggest to improve the show, and vents about his creative frustration and irritation at the show's lack of growth. (In other words, you're part of a "selective audience," to borrow a phrase from Spinal Tap.)

Finally, a ray of sunshine peeks through the clouds as Gnomonaut returns with a performance of their song "Bekajamir," performed late in 2011 at the Sweetwater Brewery in Duluth, Georgia. 46 minutes.

Art's comments: "I think I have a great product in this show, but since an artist's nose is only two inches from his canvas, it's hard to have perspective. What does everyone else think I could do to improve this? I'd love to know.

"Please pardon that my request for your input takes the form of a 30+ minute rant and rave. I just hope I don't bore you to death. Oh, but why apologize for that now?

"By the way if you're new here, welcome, but this is NOT the episode to start with. Try any of the others.

"Oh, and I forgot to say it during the show - HAPPY THANKSGIVING!"

((( In stereo, where available! )))

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