Thursday, October 18, 2012

26 - Mike Haun, comedian

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Voted "Funniest Person in Atlanta" by radio station Dave FM in 2008, and "Funniest Person in the Southeast" in 2009, Mike Haun made a big impact on the Southeastern U.S. comedy scene shortly after beginning his career. Now a feature act with headliners like Richard Lewis and Emo Philips, he draws praise from veteran headliners and is urged to try his luck in New York and L.A. He sits down with Art at Jerry Farber's Side Door comedy club to discuss how losing a job as a computer programmer inspired him to try standup, how he developed his unique stage persona, and what the immediate future holds.

But first, Art clears up that Atlanta is not Los Angeles or New York (believe it or not, there are some in the Atlanta creative community who are confused on this), and presents evidence Rush Limbaugh may be cracking under election season pressure in "Rush Limbaugh Unleashed." 53 minutes.

Art's comments: "Michael Haun makes me think of great comics of the `80's like Bob Goldthwait, Pee Wee Herman and Brother Theodore, who weren't just guys telling jokes, but fully realized characters. It's a refreshing change from guys in beards and faded jeans telling dick jokes.

"I just hope my opening monologue isn't too long, too much of a downer, and makes sense."

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Thursday, October 4, 2012

25 - Chase Mitchell, comedy writer

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Chase Mitchell could be described as a New York comedy writer, but with a twist - he lives in Atlanta. Despite his location, he's on the elite "Fax List" of writers approved to submit jokes to Saturday Night Live's "Weekend Update." In fact, he got a joke on the air his first week, a rare achievement. His work can also be read on New York-based Web sites and, where he's a full-time employee, bringing in clicks and laughs. Now, his Twitter follower list is 14,000 deep, and includes a who's-who of contemporary comedy who favorite and retweet his output left and right.

He takes time to chat with Art about how his comedy career came into focus, how social media and humor brought him together with his fiancée, and what it's like to have a comedy career that's rocketed through the roof in just the last 10 months. 73 minutes.

Art's comments: "I knew Chase Mitchell's story would be interesting just from what little I knew of his success, but I wasn't prepared for how amazing it actually is. You're not gonna believe it. This is a story of 'making it' like I've never heard.

"By the way, episode #25 is our one year anniversary show! Thank you to all who have faithfully listened."

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