Wednesday, December 11, 2013

37 - Observe and Report: Mary Mac's Tea Room, Muppets-Lady Gaga Holiday Special, Twitter Embarrassment

The most whacked-out thing in history
The most whacked-out thing in TV history.

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Art's back, and he's by himself! Except for your company, of course.

Art takes a trip to Mary Mac's Tea Room, birthplace of the Civil Rights Movement (right?).

He also asks the question, "Was the Muppets-Lady Gaga Holiday Special the sounding of the final horn before Apocalypse?"

Finally, hear about how he may have embarrassed himself in front of the stars on Twitter.

All of this and a look at your local forecast! 22 minutes.

Art's Comments: "I'm one guest who never fails to disappoint. What's worst is this Art Howard guy talks so much that I can't get a word in edgewise."

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