Friday, October 31, 2014

46 - Del Venicci, art rock band

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WARNING: This episode is not for the musically tepid or incurious.

Remember what it was like to hang out past midnight during the work week, drinking beer and listening to boundary-breaking music? Art had almost forgotten, too!

Del Venicci chats with Art in the parking lot of their Monday midnight show at club 529 in East Atlanta Village. The band discuss their connection to Italian opera, Andy Warhol's influence on their creative philosophy, and finger painting. Interwoven with the interview are songs from the set. 47 minutes

Art's comments: "When I saw Del Venicci's video for the song 'Shadow Braid,' I was quite impressed. Here was a band with not only a sonic but also an aesthetic vision, which virtually no band has today, and they were right here in Atlanta! As someone over 40 who is becoming accustomed to people under 32 not getting my references, I was also relieved when they knew who Bauhaus was.

"I don't know why I roll called every `80's alternative band in Atlanta I could think of, but I did. And I left out Impulse Ride and Liers in Wait. Music starts at about 9 minutes in."

((( In stereo, where available! )))

Songs performed:

Jungle Arms
Lights Out
Love Someone
Cantonese Luxury

Del Venicci links:

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Friday, October 10, 2014

45 - April Richardson, comedian, podcaster, "Chelsea Lately"

TV's April Richardson
TV's April Richardson
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Chelsea Lately  roundtable regular April Richardson makes the time to chat with Art. The Atlanta natives discuss the hick perception of their hometown, what the term "redneck" really means, and whether Los Angeles or Atlanta is the more truly segregated city.

Then they get down to show business! How did a girl from East Marietta get to Hollywood? Will April be part of her old boss Chelsea Handler's move to Netflix? After the climax of her podcast Go Bayside!  at the L.A. Podfest, what will be the topic and format of her next podcast?

This show also introduces a new series of public service announcements called "The Internet Cares." 1 hr. 5 mins.

Art's comments: "Interviewing a true TV personality, I decided the best approach was to just be myself - the same mistake I've made all my life! Really, though, it was quite nice of her to take the time to talk when she could be chatting with a huge name like Chris Hardwick. We may one day look back on this like an interview with a young Joan Rivers after her first few appearances on Ed Sullivan."

April Richardson links:

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Friday, September 26, 2014

44 - Will "The Thryll" Phillips, comedian, author of "Hollywood Failure"

The Thryll sets Hollywood on fire in his own way.Allow a few seconds for buffering.

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Will "The Thryll" Phillips spent six years in Hollywood in the unglamorous position of Production Assistant, schlepping coffee and sandwiches to the makers of Family Guy  and other top shows. He also co-created a Web series called Murder Squad  that got him into talks with Comedy Central and ABC.

However, things didn't go as dreamed. Now back in central New York for the time being, he's written an e-book about his stint in Tinsel Town called Hollywood Failure, due out in October 2014. He talks to Art about where the dream went wrong, and where it goes from here.

We also get a quick word with Cody Westlake, bowling shoe expert! 57 minutes.

Art's comments: "If I got even 10 seconds of face time with a decision maker at ABC, I wouldn't stop talking about it for the rest of my life! Everyone should check out Will Phillips' Murder Squad  Web series to see what credit cards and shared dreams can accomplish. The Thryll's story is certainly interesting, and I don't think we've heard the last of him. Maybe one day we can say this show marked where it all turned around.

"All this and  a moment with Cody Westlake, bowling shoe expert? This show is gonna be HUGE!"

Will "The Thryll" Phillips links:

Special thanks this episode to comedic thespian, Duke Korey.

TECHNICAL NOTE: There were some Skype issues in the interview. Look around it!

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Friday, September 5, 2014

43 - End of Summer, Back to School Special

Lake AcworthAllow a few seconds for buffering.

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Wrap up your summer with Art!

First, Art tells you about Jay Leno's recent concert in Atlanta, including how he thinks Jay really did nothing wrong the two times he took over The Tonight Show.

Next, he recounts highlights of his Summer of 2014 in "How I Spent My Summer Vacation."

Finally, it's an on-the-street report from Acworth, Georgia's "Love the Lake" festival. 22 minutes.


Art's comments: "Come hear me make comedy jokes! This show illustrates why I could benefit from a professional caretaker."

Love the Lake links:

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Friday, August 1, 2014

42 - Joe Toplyn, author; former writer/producer for Leno, Letterman

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Four-time Emmy winner Joe Toplyn joins Art. Toplyn has been a writer for Late Night with David Letterman, head writer and producer for The Late Show with David Letterman, and co-head writer and producer for The Tonight Show with Jay Leno. He has now authored a book called Comedy Writing for Late-Night TV.

The comedy writing legend candidly answers questions such as:

  • What was it like creating revolutionary TV in the early days of Late Night with David Letterman?
  • Did the "GE Handshake" bit really end Letterman's chances of getting The Tonight Show?
  • What famous Late Night  bit nearly suffocated a fellow writer?
  • How did Jay Leno turn the tables to become the new king of late night?
  • Is the late night talk show obsolete in the Internet age?

Comedy Writing for Late-Night TV Mr. Toplyn also discusses his whirlwind months as head writer for the short-lived but infamous The Chevy Chase Show, and gives a few tips on how YOU can write funny! 1 hr. 24 mins.

Art's comments: "I hope there's a section in Mr. Toplyn's book about how to ask a question without lots of stammering. I need to read it. You should buy it, too, because this guy let me talk his ear off for two hours. In the end I think the key takeaway from this show is: Carbon dioxide is heavier than air. Now, won't you please enjoy a hot towel?"

Joe Toplyn links:

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Friday, July 18, 2014

41 - Dateline: Los Angeles, 2014

Art with Adam Carolla
ABOVE: Adam Carolla is NOT on this show! But he's in the picture.
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Watching someone else's home movies is super-boring, huh? Well, on this show there's no video, yet Art yammers on about his vacation to Los Angeles for over an hour, anyhow!

If you've ever wondered what it was like to attend the taping of a network television show, or to watch a live taping of the world's top comedy podcast, Art tells you about it in great detail.

Shows discussed are:

  • The Late Late Show  with Craig Ferguson
  • The Adam Carolla Show
  • Conan starring Conan O'Brien

Art also hit the Comedy Store, the Rainbow and the Whisky-a-Go-Go! (What's the six degrees of separation between Art, Comedy Store staple Don Barris, and Jimmy Kimmel? Listen and find out!)

The show begins with a clip of Art's moment of recognition on the Eric Von Haessler show, where Art's interview with Vinny Bucci in episode #40 became a topic of much discussion. 65 minutes.

Art's comments: "On my blog I wrote about some cultural observations I had about why California is the consistent leader in food, lifestyle, exercise, spirituality and entertainment trends. On this podcast I detail the more touristy side of things.

"This episode very nearly contained an interview with Atlanta radio legend Eric Von Haessler, a chat from the Rainbow with Hard Rock Chick, and a backstage interview at the Whisky with an up-and-coming new L.A. band. None of the above happened. Fortunately my listeners are so used to disappointment they may not even know the difference.

"By the way, check out my revamped resume site. Photo by Scott Housley Photography."

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Monday, March 31, 2014

39 - Chet Wild, writer, podcaster, comedian

Chet Wild

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Chet Wild has only been in the comedy game for five years, but in that time he's made extraordinary career strides. In his native upstate New York he was often MC at Buffalo comedy clubs, and became a frequent fill-in co-host on a legendary Rochester morning radio show, all while earning a Master's degree. Now in Los Angeles, he's trained in improv and sketch writing with top comedy troupes and performs before bona fide stars in clubs around L.A. He may currently best be known as co-host of The Dunk Tank podcast with former American Idol host, Brian Dunkleman.

Art catches up with Chet while the comic is in Atlanta for the Laughing Skull Comedy Festival. The interview takes place at the luxurious W Hotel in Midtown.

Then, stay tuned to find out why this episode was the most expensive to produce yet! 47 minutes.

Art's comments: "This is definitely one of our best shows to date. As a Holiday Inn Express/Toyota Carolla kind of guy I felt a bit intimidated by the W and the line of Lexuses and Porsches in the driveway, but had a blast with Chet Wild. To say this guy will be a big success may be stating the obvious. Also, stick around for a tale from my George Costanza-ish existence."

Chet Wild links:

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Monday, March 3, 2014

38 - Linda Cardellini, actress...

New girl on New GirlAllow a few seconds for buffering.

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...from 1997, before she became famous.

Long, long ago Art visited a high school classmate in Hollywood and met his cute new friend. The petite brunette would go on to star in NBC's Freaks n' Geeks, as well as ER, Scooby Doo, Mad Men, and now New Girl: Linda Cardellini. Art digs into the vault and brings you the thrilling interview (about 1:00 long) where she talks about her budding career and first roles.

Next, it's an epic tune from prog-jam band Iratowns called "Analogy." The live performance is from 2001 at Raleigh, North Carolina's Pour House. The guitarist/violinist of this band, Dan Campbell (link), went on to be part of country singer Buddy Jewell's band and was a world-traveling Nashville musician for over a decade.

Art's comments: "This show is one long name drop. Those who know me personally have heard this Linda Cardellini story at least 10 times. Kind of a weak move pulling out a 17-year-old tape but hey, I'm keeping the podcast beast fed! Skip to 24:50 to hear the clip.

"I was Iratowns' publicist for awhile and proudly got them write-ups in the Tampa Tribune, St. Petersburg Times and a Sarasota newspaper. To this day I think they're one of the best bands I've ran across, right up there with Led Zeppelin and everyone else. Although they broke up years ago, I still hope their music gets around. Please do listen for a great performance of one of their best songs."


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