About the Show and Host

Art HowardArt Howard at Night is the world's third most popular podcast, if you close your eyes and wish really hard. Hosted by Art Howard, widely-known as America's Favorite Talk Show Host, it contains interviews with the world's rising superstars and Art's unique sense of humor.

Art Howard has been a radio talk show host and freelance writer in Atlanta, Georgia for many years. He began his career in 1992 as an intern at Atlanta Top 40 radio station WSTR/Star 94, where he worked alongside a teenage DJ named Ryan Seacrest, "who probably doesn't remember me whatsoever," Art says. He proceeded to intern and volunteer at a total of six Atlanta media facilities, as well as host a college radio show, but did not encounter any other names worth dropping besides Seacrest's.

Eventually Art began working as a reporter at a small AM station in Cartersville, Georgia, WBHF. Here he co-anchored a newscast that won Best Radio Newscast for a Class A Station from the Georgia Association of Broadcasters (1996). In October of 1997 Art got the chance to do his own show, Art Howard's Radiocast. Luminaries interviewed included Adrian Cronauer of Good Morning, Vietnam fame, Chicken Soup for the Soul co-author Mark Victor Hansen, and a lady from the county Humane Society. It was also at WBHF he gave himself the title of "America's Favorite Talk Show Host."

Around this time he had also began a print music `zine, built around the jam band music scene, called Voyager. Interviewees included Warren Haynes and Derek Trucks of the Allman Brothers Band, who's names are most certainly worth dropping. He also created an accompanying Web site that got up to 3,000 visitors daily, although 2,800 of those may have been Art checking to make sure his layout displayed correctly in Netscape.

After being laid off from WBHF, Art Howard succeeded in interesting The Atlanta Journal-Constitution and Creative Loafing in publishing his feature articles, after plying them with alcohol and unethical hypnosis techniques. Subjects included The Dunhams radio show of WZGC/Z-93, Dark Star Orchestra, and bluegrass star Rhonda Vincent. Articles penned by your host also ran in Relix, a national music magazine, and Democratic Underground.com, a favorite Web site of commie pinko bedwetters.

After three wildly successful guest appearances on Cumulus Media/Atlanta's The Mike Rose Show that climaxed with listeners writing his name in the sky (okay, maybe not), Art faded into the woodwork around 2003, much to a weary public's relief.

In 2011 the giant was reawakened after hearing the flimsy, flaccid recordings that passed for podcasts in those days. Art Howard at Night launched October of that year, an approximation of the late night talk show Art had always wanted to do. It quickly led the nation in innovation, causing other MC's to go on vacation.

These days, Art generously donates his time to many pornographic Web sites.

It's prime time to get on board so you can say you were there from the beginning. Take a listen, won't you?

-- Ernest Hemmingway, New York City, 1947