Friday, July 18, 2014

41 - Dateline: Los Angeles, 2014

Art with Adam Carolla
ABOVE: Adam Carolla is NOT on this show! But he's in the picture.
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Watching someone else's home movies is super-boring, huh? Well, on this show there's no video, yet Art yammers on about his vacation to Los Angeles for over an hour, anyhow!

If you've ever wondered what it was like to attend the taping of a network television show, or to watch a live taping of the world's top comedy podcast, Art tells you about it in great detail.

Shows discussed are:

  • The Late Late Show  with Craig Ferguson
  • The Adam Carolla Show
  • Conan starring Conan O'Brien

Art also hit the Comedy Store, the Rainbow and the Whisky-a-Go-Go! (What's the six degrees of separation between Art, Comedy Store staple Don Barris, and Jimmy Kimmel? Listen and find out!)

The show begins with a clip of Art's moment of recognition on the Eric Von Haessler show, where Art's interview with Vinny Bucci in episode #40 became a topic of much discussion. 65 minutes.

Art's comments: "On my blog I wrote about some cultural observations I had about why California is the consistent leader in food, lifestyle, exercise, spirituality and entertainment trends. On this podcast I detail the more touristy side of things.

"This episode very nearly contained an interview with Atlanta radio legend Eric Von Haessler, a chat from the Rainbow with Hard Rock Chick, and a backstage interview at the Whisky with an up-and-coming new L.A. band. None of the above happened. Fortunately my listeners are so used to disappointment they may not even know the difference.

"By the way, check out my revamped resume site. Photo by Scott Housley Photography."

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