Sunday, August 25, 2013

33 - Brett Baker, creative director, ad copywriter

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Brett Baker (self-portrait at right) is the creative mind behind some of TV and radio's most entertaining commercials of late. He joins Art for a discussion of the ad industry and how he got into it. He explains how he went from being a directionless college freshman in Kentucky to writing national commercials featuring stars like Michael Jordan and Charlie Sheen.

But first, Art talks about seeing Dave Grohl's documentary "Sound City," and accuses the alternative rock star of becoming an elitist, classic rock old geezer! 70 minutes.

Art's comments: "Hey, look! I got someone to endure an hour of my questions again! Brett Baker is one of the wittier people on Twitter with a great career in the ad world going for him, so it was nice of him to take the time to talk to us. Make it worth his while by listening."

Brett Baker links:
Internet home of TV's Brett Baker
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Baker-penned Discover Card commercial:

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