Thursday, November 14, 2013

36 - Evan Kessler, L.A. standup comic

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Evan J. Kessler, known by TMZ as "J-Kess"
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"A New York comic now doing it in L.A." That's how Evan Kessler was first described to Art.

In this interview, Evan sets the record straight that he actually began doing standup in California. Kessler talks about what it's like to begin a career in standup in the show business mecca of Los Angeles, and his brushes with star comics like Maria Bamford and Emo Philips. He also gives insight into his day job, working as a writer and production assistant on various reality shows. Along the way he also talks about the very beginnings of his career back in New York, writing for the National Lampoon Web site and working on various VH-1 "I Love..." shows. 69 minutes.

Art's comments: "I think it's a lot of people's dream to step onto a stage in Hollywood and try to make it as a comedian. Evan Kessler is actually living it. While the rest of us are creeping down the interstate to our cubicle farms, this guy is hitting the clubs and making his dream come true. For that alone he deserves for you to listen to his story.

"Not to mention that he later tweeted he was holding back vomit throughout this interview. That's another reason to listen."

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