Monday, June 24, 2013

31 - Jaclyn Fleming, comedic actress

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Discover Jaclyn Fleming, pre-Post Apocalyptica !

The Canadian-born, Hollywood-bound actress talks about her beginnings in Toronto improv theater (including studying with the legendary Second City), to producing her own stage play in Los Angeles, L.A.: Post Apocalyptica. Plus, what does she think of the current controversy around infamous Toronto mayor Rob Ford? Does her good friend and co-playwright, former Penthouse Pet Sam Phillips, still look good naked? It's all inside!

Then, lose yourself in a great track by Kansas/San Francisco trance-jazz trio Life On Earth called "Woes of the Uninsured."

Art's comments: "The conversation that made it to tape is great, but there's even more to this L.A. story that listeners will see unfold in the near future. Learn about Jaclyn Fleming here and now, rather than later on IMDB. Also thanks to TChad Quarterly for the photo."

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