Friday, April 6, 2012

14 - Dan Campbell, progressive rock/country violinist

Dan Campbell

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Art talks about re-Tweets (or as he likes to call them, "Twitter endorsements") he's gotten from Washington, D.C. power players. Yes!

The guest is Dan Campbell, a progressive rock/country violinist who has traveled the world with country recording artist Buddy Jewell, among others. He talks about his journey from playing frat parties in Alabama with his jam/prog band, Iratowns, to performing in Italy, China and Iraq as a country music pro. The Iratowns song "Green Man" from their 1998 CD A Series of Clicks and Whistles is included. 40 minutes.

Art's comments: "I hope people will realize that if my Tweets are good enough for Paul Begala, they should be more than good enough for them. As for Dan, what can you say? He makes the magic happen!"

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NOTE: This interview was conducted by phone and partially recorded with Google Voice, so there are some flaws in the audio. Do not adjust your sets, remove your earbuds, or destroy your MP3 player.

Dan Campbell links:
Buddy Jewell on
With Frank Zappa tribute band, Bogus Pomp

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