Thursday, May 17, 2012

17 - Gnomonaut

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For the first time ever, the At Night mobile truck goes live, on site at a club! You'll drink the beers, smell the smoke*, and rock out to the music, just as it happened.

The guest is self-described "progressive space rock" band Gnomonaut, who perform tracks from their debut album, The Chronocosm. Songs performed include "Bekajamir," "ManBearPig," "Beard Mudding (1/4)," and "The Chronocosm."

But first, shred guitar instructor Doug Steele calls in to talk about a special offer for those who want to learn Sammy Hagar-era Van Halen songs. 42 minutes. NOTE: Explicit language.

Art's comments: "As a savvy broadcaster, I know the path to a massive listenership is paved with instrumental progressive rock. Its appeal is as universal as chocolate ice cream. Really, though, this makes two episodes in a row where I feel almost totally satisfied with the end result. I've listened to this one twice myself. This show is definitely improving."

NOTE: Explicit language, and IN STEREO, where available!

* Actually most Atlanta bars have a no smoking policy now, but for effect, we'll pretend it was smoky.

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Doug Steele links: Learn Shred,

Gnomonaut links:, Gnomonaut on Facebook

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Art Howard at Night said...

Hi, folks. It's just me, Art.

I noticed when I listened to this episode on my MP3 player using my $4 headphones, it was distorting, whereas on my PC speakers and good Sony and Grado headphones, which I mix with, it sounded fine. However, I want it to sound good on EVERYTHING, even $4 headphones, so I made a compression tweak and re-uploaded.

If you were getting distortion, try the fresh upload. Sorry about that.