Friday, May 27, 2016

Cutting Room Floor: Eric Von Haessler, Caddy's Incident

Here's a nugget from the cutting room floor: WSB radio/Atlanta's Eric Von Haessler and Art discuss the morning the Regular Guys morning show got kicked out of a sports bar, live on the air! (The Regular Guys was Von Haessler's extremely popular morning show prior to his WSB show, at the old 96 Rock.) Art was there as a young freelance writer looking for a story to impress the editors of The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, and got involved in the action!

Art's comments: "I trimmed this from the original interview because it didn't pertain to the narrative of Eric's career, and I felt I was a bit long-winded (very unusual). However, it's a great story! I really thought there was a chance I might even get to write this one up for Rolling Stone at the time."


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