Monday, March 23, 2015

47 - Glaze Your Eyes Over/Late `90's Radio Demo

Art in late `90's Carson Daly TRL style shirt
Art in late `90's Carson Daly TRL style shirt.
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"Mr. Positive" returns to tell you where he's been hiding since Halloween!

Art gives you the behind-the-scenes details of his struggle to provide you with only the finest entertainment. Get the scoop on all the various blow-offs and cold shoulders he's endured in the name of entertaining you. Your breath will be taken away by how anyone could endure such morale-crushing indifference, yet rise again like a broadcasting phoenix!

At the end, get a listen to Art's amazing 1998-ish aircheck from his stint as a talk show host in a small Northwest Georgia town. Hear his co-host mesmerized into a hypnotic trance by a professional stage hypnotist live on the air! 44 minutes.

Art's comments: "You come here to be amused, not bummed out, but what can I do but tell you about what's going on?

"As for the circa 1998 radio piece, which was my demo tape for a long time, I think I say 'hip-no-tist' about 20 times too many, BUT, all these years later I'm pretty proud of how slick it sounds. Yes, I'm pretty impressed with myself. Somebody's gotta be!"

If you enjoy this show...ah, hell, you know what to do.

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