Tuesday, April 7, 2015

48 - Chet Wild Returns! (BONUS: Stu McCallister)

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Chet Wild returns to the Laughing Skull Fest, Atlanta and Art Howard at Night!

Art once again catches up with Wild at the W Hotel in Midtown Atlanta. (Apparently there was turnover in the security staff and the new guys didn't know to keep Art off the premises.) They discuss various adventures Chet has had in the last year, such as:

  • The status of his podcast with former American Idol  host, Brian Dunkelman
  • Performing as a hologram at Comic Con
  • His upcoming live show Crowd Work: The Musical


Stu McCallisterMichigan comic Stu McCallister is also in the room. As a bonus track, McCallister and Wild discuss the mental games and career obstacles that every career standup comic faces. 53 minutes.

Art's comments: "After a drought of guests, I return with not one but TWO! Who's the man? Hint: I'M the man!

"Chet again had some great stories to share. If you drew his career on a graph since our last meeting, it would be a continuing upward line.

"You'll also enjoy, as I did, being a fly on the wall and hearing two comedians on the frontlines of show business discussing their trade.

"Special congratulations to our previous guest Dulcé Sloan, who made it to 2nd place out of 72 comics at Laughing Skullfest!"


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