Monday, May 18, 2015

50 - Fans Salute David Letterman

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David Letterman bio book
Possibly the most influential book on Art's life. How sad!

It's a very special episode of Art Howard at Night!  No, really, it IS!

Art salutes his greatest idol, late night television icon David Letterman. Joining him in discussing Letterman's 33 year late night career and retirement are Brian Arnold, a member of the Letterman fan Facebook group, and Jeff Zuk, creator of the tribute Letterman Twitter feeds @ByeLetterman and @ByeLettermanLT. Sit back and prepare to have your memory jogged as they discuss favorite guests, musical moments and bits you may have forgotten.

Art's comments: "Stay tuned for a sappy ending that seemed like a good idea when I thought of it as I walked around the park, but in hindsight may have been a terrible idea! However, it stands as the only recorded document that I'm capable of having fuzzy emotions.

"Although it's unlikely, I would like to think Dave might at least skim this one as he's out on the fishing boat in Montana sometime. After nearly 40 years of hearing people telling him how great he is, he can always dial this up and hear it one more time. Thanks, Dave!"

1 hr. 5 mins.
((( In stereo, where available! )))

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Tom Cochrun said...

Great blog you are operating here.
As for your question about David getting hired at Channel 13-I think he may have started there as an intern or a summer hire. It was parlayed into a booth announcing job, which bored him mightily. His fraternity brother who might know is Jeff Lewis of Indianapolis.
An anecdote. I remember visiting Dave while he was "On Duty" in the booth. There were no live station breaks, ID's or commercial tags up coming, so he and some of the floor crew were kicking a huge ball around the loading dock and through an empty studio. It's been a while and I may be mistaken, but I think the ball had been made from gaffers tape.

Art Howard at Night said...

If you revisit here, thank you, sir! With Dave retiring, I've been browsing "The David Letterman Story" again, a book that greatly impacted my dreams when I was a teenager. I wondered what might have become of all of Dave's peers, and after some Googling, I find Dave was but one of many bright lights rising in Indiana media at the time! It seems like everyone's done great for themselves. Thank you again for your reply.